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 3D Modeling and / or Finite Element:
          Finite Element Analysis, Detail / Final Drawings.

 Casting / Metallurgy:
          Design Optimization, Failure Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Material Specifications, Welding           Technology, Weldment Design.

 Structural Component Design and Analysis:
          Frames, Dump Bodies, Trailers, Axles, ROPS/FOPS, Finite Element Analysis.

 Hydraulic System Design (Component to Complete System):
          Steering, Brakes, Dump Body Hoist, Filtration, Reservoirs, Accumulators, Valves, Cylinders.

 Power Train System Design:
          Engine, Transmission, Cooling, Gearing.

 Brake System Design (Component to Complete System):
          Air, Air / Oil, Full Hydraulic, Wet Disc Brakes, Valves, ISO Certification.

          Drive system specification and application design, Complete 24-volt system design,
          Machine controls, Software, Instrumentation, Harnesses.

Operator Compartments:
          Ergonomics, Visibility, Vibration Control, Sound Control, ISO compliance.

Suspensions (Component to Complete System):
          Steering Geometry, Linkage Analysis, Stability, Ride Comfort, Impact Isolation, Strut Design.

 ISO 9001 Systems:
          Full Program Implementation and Audit Coordination, Process Maps, Work Instructions,
          Corrective Action Plans.

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