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One of the cornerstones of our company is the ability of our project managers to drive projects to a successful conclusion and satisfy customers. Project managers are assigned to individual projects, serve as the primary point of contact with customers, and manage a project team assembled from our matrix organization. This process includes the following:

» Fully understanding the customer’s project objectives, requirements, and schedule.

» Translating customer’s project objectives, requirements, and schedule into a clear, concise, and accurate scope of work, project task break down, and detailed schedule including project milestones.

» Sequencing and executing project tasks, utilizing manpower efficiently, and driving projects to completion on time and budget.

» Managing the customer interface with contract administration, status meetings, design reviews, information transfer, and schedule information.

» Working closely with customers to ensure a seamless integration of the design into their standards, format, product structure, and database systems.

» Using a quality management system to ensure projects are completed accurately the first time by having processes to:

    •  allocate qualified personnel
    •  schedule regular internal and customer technical reviews,
    •  facilitate efficient communication and data transfer with the customer,
    •  track and check project files, data, and release information.

» Utilizing a tracking system that assigns project tasks and monitors the status of projects in real time.

Pioneer Solutions has experienced project managers who have managed large scale, multi-million dollar projects. These managers have managed projects from the machine specification phase through design, prototype, test, production, and support. We are experienced at working with multiple parties from remote locations as we provide services to many different equipment manufacturers throughout North America and internationally.



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